Placing An Ad

Display & Insert Ads

Display Rates:

Prices are discounted according to continuity: 4 consecutive weeks is our lowest rate.

Open Rate-4 col. in. min....$10.50 col. in.

2 weeks-4 col. in. min....$9.25 col. in.

3 weeks-4 col. in. min....$8.50 col. in.

4 weeks-4 col. in. min....$8.00 col. in.

6 Months or more(signed contract)....$7.50 col. in.

Full Color is an additional $25.00 per week. 

Spot color is an additional $10.00 per week or $35 per 4 weeks.

Non-profits receive our lowest rate of $7.50 per col. in. and a $15 full color charge.

Front/Back Page Advertising

Our front page spaces are normally reserved in advance based on who ran the previous year. We usually have some openings available, so do not hesitate to inquire if you are interested! 

Top Front...$500

Bottom Front...$600

1/2 Split Bottom...$325

Back Full/Split...$725/$375

Adult Birthdays/Anniversaries

  • These are usually 2 columns wide by 3 inches tall in size. Includes a photo, and short message.
  • 2 columns by 3 inches: $40 • 1 column by 3 inches: $20
  • 50-year Anniversaries, 100-year birthdays - SPECIAL
  • Submit a photo, and a couple of paragraphs, and we'll put together an announcement for FREE.

Please note: These are different from the birthday/anniversary AD. The ads are boxed in, these are like press releases.

If you have a 50-year anniversary or 100-year birthday that you'd like to put in the paper as a boxed-in birthday ad, you can still do this for the $40 or $20 price.

Insert Advertising:

  • $50 per 1000 inserts. You must provide the printed flyer.
  • 8.5"x11" preferred, pre-sorted into groups of 100.
  • Inserts should be at The Advisor no later than 2 weeks prior to insertion.

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