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Display Ads
Call Wenona or Merrill at 203-239-5404 for information regarding display advertising.
Display Rates:
Prices are discounted according to continuity: 4 consecutive weeks is our lowest rate.
Call Wenona or Merrill for rate prices and more details on display advertising.
Adult Birthdays/Anniversaries:
These are usually 2 columns wide by 3 inches tall in size. Includes a photo, and short message.
2 columns by 3 inches: $401 column by 3 inches: $20
50-year Anniversaries, 100-year birthdays - SPECIAL
Submit a photo, and a couple of paragraphs, and we'll put together an announcement for FREE.
Please note: These are different from the birthday/anniversary AD. The ads are boxed in, these are like press releases.
If you have a 50-year anniversary or 100-year birthday that you'd like to put in the paper as a boxed-in
birthday ad, you can still do this for the $40 or $20 price.
Insert Advertising:
$40 per 1000 inserts. You must provide the printed flyer.
8.5"x11" preferred, pre-sorted into groups of 100.
Inserts should be at The Advisor no later than 2 weeks prior to insertion.
Call Frank, Circulation Manager, at 203-239-4121 for more information regarding Insert Advertising.
Get Adobe Reader:
We send ad proofs in PDF format. Download a FREE copy of Adobe Reader to view PDFs.